Sonntag, 4. Februar 2018

There's a Tsunami comin' at ya!

Last Friday, Selecta M & myself, Scarce One, made a long overdue RIDDIM & GROOVE return to Cologne, where we played our first night at Tsunami Club in the Southern part of the city. Well, it was definitely a great night with a very dancy crowd, great staff and many drinks. We say "thank you, Tsunami" and are looking forward to coming back in May.

Montag, 6. November 2017

The Marburg Doubleheader


On a rare occasion, the upcoming weekend presents a true Marburg doubleheader as both members of the RIDDIM & GROOVE squad prepare for a Saturday night musical takeover. While Selecta M is going to hold things down at Gloria bar by blending reggae, rocksteady and rare groove into a vintage collage of sound, Scarce One rocks the one's and two's at the Back To The Roots Jam that is taking place at Nachtsalon. Together with his IfPR brother Sir Norin Rad, he will drop breaks, beats and block party cuts for both b-boys and MCs as right choice of dance floor grooves to keep the party moving. So no excuses this time...come and get the full package!

The Funky Pungee!


Last Saturday, Scarce One made a long overdue return to Siegen, where he was joined by fellow Köln funk aficionado Webster and Stuttgart 45 slinger Sebastian Heitzmann to play The Funky Pungee! The city's notorious Vortex Club was the place to be that night as the venues's very own grimy character, the outstanding preperation and promotion by great people and good friends, as well as the always hungry and wild crowd added up to an explosive mix of six hours raw funk dance floor galore! Well, it was definitely a night to remember and the floor was filled early and packed until late...thank you Siegen, you never disappoint!

BUTTA 45's Tour 2017 Recap

The 2017 edition of the annual Butta 45's tour with the Philly's own Skeme Richards (Nostalgia King) and the two Riddim & Groove residents, Selecta M (SoundControl) and Scarce One (Intruders) has been filled with great nights, incredible hosts, dancy crowds and likeminded DJ's all across the board. Whether we played at small, intimate venues as the Kurzbar in Mannheim, historic buildings like the fantastic Palace in St. Gallen, Switzerland, or the classy Mojo Jazz Café in Hamburg, every single Butta 45's party has had its own special feel. Yet, all gatherings, including the off-schedule gig at Cologne's top-notch cocktail bar, Spirits, together with Skillkid, or our premiere on the main floor of the legendary KFZ in Marburg, were linked by the very same passion for musical selections of high quality, inspiring DJ sets and lasting memories. Thanks to each and everyone who came out to party, vibe, chat, dance or hang with us and thus made this seventh consecutive tour possible. Extra special shouts go to Herr Wempe and Suro. See you all next year for the soulful eighth edition.

Freitag, 20. Oktober 2017

Mannheim and St. Gallen


Today we finally kick off the annual Butta 45's International Germany Tour with the three tough guys Selecta M (SoundControl), Scarce One (IfPR) and the one and only Nostalgia King, Skeme Richards from Philadelphia, PA. Our first stop is the premiere party in the city of Mannheim where we touch down with more bags of 45's than the usual rotation would bring. Tonight, Kurzbar ist the place to be and we are eager to give a city known for its funk, hip hop and dance scene right what people need to get off. Tomorrow, St. Gallen, Switzerland is the destination of the day. We are honored to make our return to this beautiful place with its legendary Soul Gallen party, hosted by Herr Wempe (aka Soulsonic) at the oustanding Palace. A former cinema that reminds you of some Inglorious Bastards setting and thus makes just the perfect fit for a true Butta 45's night.

Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2017

Vienna Recap

Last weekend, Selecta M and Scarce One took the RIDDIM & GROOVE down to Vienna, Austria for a special guest night at the city's legendary Soul Sugar party, a regular gathering that has been providing the best soul music to a wide audience for a quarter century. Volkstheater, the venue of that night, is as equally amazing and beautiful as so many countless architectural and historic sights in the former Habsburg capital. Starting off earlier than the usual European club nights, Soul Sugar features a dancy and diverse crownd. Some local Märzen beer and seven hours later, M and Scarce called it a night in the early morning hours and wrapped up a nice and entertaining trip. Thanks to Turner T, Arno, Bunani and Ziggy for throwing such a great party and keepin the good work up including analog Super-8 projections and love for so many details.

Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2017

Soul Sugar x Riddim & Groove

On Saturday, October 14, Selecta M & Scarce One will take their unique RIDDIM & GROOVE sound all the way down to the Austrian capital of Wien. This beautiful city has a lot to offer and one of its trademarks is the regular retro music club called "Soul Sugar" run by fellow DJ's Arno, Bunani and Turner T. Taking place at the marvelous Volkstheater, the autum grooves edition of this must-go-to-and-dance event offers two floors with hip shaking sounds on raw wax.  

BUTTA 45's Tour 2017

October always marks the start of a new season. Leaves begin to fall, the weather gets colder and the days shorter. Yet, there is always something to cheer up the souls and hips of those who like to groove: the annual Butta 45's Germany tour. Maintaining a good tradition, Scarce One and Selecta M team up with the one and only Nostalgia King, Skeme Richards, to spread the gospel of brotherly love on 45 rpm. Expect the usual quality dosage of funk, soul, reggae and related rare grooves. Add a seasoning of obscure, vintage VHS visuals to the mix and put Mannheim, St. Gallen, Marburg and Hamburg into the equation. We are more than excited to hit the road again and spin only the nicest sure shot goodness for your listening and dancing pleasure.

Dienstag, 5. September 2017


Before Fall starts to kick in and this year's Butta 45's tour rolls around it is yet time for another edition of AdK - Auftakt der Kunst in Marburg. Taking place at Trauma, right before the Marburg Soul Allnighter, there will be some breaking action, live rap and graff outside. Scarce One takes care of the right breaks and beats and is going to spin some heat on wax. Stop by if you're in the area and check out what is going down this Saturday.

Dienstag, 15. August 2017

Ljubljana Recap

The moment when you arrive on Ljubljana, you can immediately tell that the Slovenian capital is a place where different routes from the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Balkans meet. While only relative small in size with just around 280,000 inhabitants, it is nonetheless a hot spot for culinary adeventures, beatiful architecture, fine arts and underground culture. In a nutshell, the frame was set for an amazing weekend experience at King of the Concrete 2017. While the event is at the same time both the official anniversary party of the local Flow from Below crew, as well as an international meet, greet, hang, chill and rock for the European Hip Hop scene. With people coming to town from the UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Croatia, Finland and Norway, the vibe was truly outstanding and each and everyone involved did a tremendous job. Props to Flow from Below for pulling this one off and everybody who came to party and celebrate the movement.